Terminology,Methodology And Description Of Spamming In Action Part 1 Of A Series Of 3

Pyramid of Spam

Before moving forward in this series I believe it to be of great importance to give you the different types of spam and their definitions:

  • 1 ) Organic Spam this is basically a rather innocuous  form of spam and happens when robots crawl the net and gather information. You might see some of this happening when one types “cookie” in the search engine and results for double chocolate chip dough comes up
  • 2) E-mail spam which is the most common and known
  • 3) “piggybacking” which is intended not to sell a product but improve search engine ranking
  • 4)Citation spamming . This is the illegitimate or improper use of citations, footnotes or references. Citation spamming is a form of search engine optimization or promotion that typically involves the repeated insertion of a particular citation or reference in multiple articles by a single contributor. Often these are added not to verify article content but rather to populate numerous articles with a particular citation. Variations of citation spamming include the removal of multiple valid sources and statements in an article in favor of a single, typically questionable or low-value, web source. Citation spamming is a subtle form of spam and should not be confused with legitimate good-faith additions intended to verify article content.

Below are a few graphic examples of how and what astroturf spam look like in this instance I used a company that was established in 1928 in Japan that manufactures a myriad of chemical products  and a company based in the USA that is exclusively engaged in manufacturing thermal paste and accessory products.

Of note both companies manufacture thermal paste and accessory products but one uses aggressive astroturfing and spam and the other does not  can you tell the difference?

First we conducted an associative search using both company product names and queen anne we selected queen anne du to the fact that queen anne was not only a British Monarch but her name is a associated with a style of architecture and decor style and yes there was more Astroturf going on


And now for Arctic Silver 5 queen anne Results:


Then we decided to conduct another search this time we inserted breast augmentation to the search engine as a bias test:


Arctic Silver 5 Results:


This time we decided to also click on the link to see what would happen we were directed to a clinic in Ireland that offers plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments and procedures but as you are about to see below Arctic Silver 5 was mentioned in their forum!

what does cooling paste have to do with cosmetic surgery in the case of the Japanese company, they actually DO manufacture the silicon used in breast implants not only that but when you compare the number of search results one of the manufacturers had over 2,900 results compared to a mere 7 results and the one with 7 actually manufactures breast implants as well as hundreds of chemical products as they have been around since the 1920’s

Ironic no?  Astroturf much?


Last but not least and just for fun it turns out Artic Silver 5 is also in the commercial jingle song writing AND flatulence business


This is the first of a series of blog articles that will help illustrate our search results via graphics in order to expose the rampant and ubiquitous use of astroturf techniques and spam