Back Links What Are They And How They Work in the Music Industry Part 2

Welcome back this is part 2 in our series dedicated to backlinks hopefully you read part one and you’ll be able to better keep up.


Search engines will consider the quality of backlinks when ranking and indexing a website.

Good backlinks will have most or all of the following attributes:

The source will be a reputable one.

When a website is very popular,it is highly relevant to the keyword being searched and is generally considered to be trustworthy,reliable and safe, then links provided by that site will be viewed positively by visitors and search engines.


Now on the other hand, astroturfing and spamming backlinks work more like this:

Links added to pages which are irrelevant to your website content will be viewed as spam by search engines and penalised in the rankings. This is to deter people who try to ‘cheat the system’ by placing large numbers of links around the web in the hope of unfairly gaining visitors,this is what is called “ Black Hat”. ( Black Hats are the bad guys ie Astroturfers and Spammers

Whilst White Hats are the good guys, ie reputation management experts,legitimate SEO professionals.

Cheating the system is exactly what is going on Just check out this article published by and authored by Felix Tarcomnicu Titled:

18 types of Backlinks ob Backlinks Violating Google’s Guidelines


The problem is that this is so prevalent and ubiquitous that either Google can’t/won’t handle keeping up with and enforcing their own guidelines, as it is incredibly tedious enforcing guidelines when the Black Hats come up with better more efficient ways to cheat the system and at the same time use the company itself as their principal tool,

Also, as a company,Google is making profits off of many of these Black Hat techniques as many if not most of these websites are also enrolled in the company’s Adrev program.


So let’s take a look at how this plays out with the following examples

Let’s start with the music industry and how this backlinking,astroturfing and spamming affects the industry and the possible corruption on both sides

The problems and issues are several and complex we have in previous articles openly disclosed our findings gave examples by way of screen grabs and search tables in previous articles, how backlining is used not only for re directing and directing  traffic but also as a means of astroturfing and spam

As previous articles we published make mention, in the case of the music industry, we illustrated that a simple search engine search result simply searching “ Arctic Silver 5” and “Lady Gaga”  together we were not only directed to a number of sites with the same words embedded in other sites that had nothing to do arctic silver 5 but we we were directed to a number of piracy sites and torrents where we not only found single downloads but we were also directed to sites where they had entire catalogues


This all means that  that these Black Hats who are techies have an advantage over not only the music industry as music industry people are a combination of creatives and professionals but they can actually be used to wreak havoc and nearly bankrupt small businesses by rivals and competitors as I will illustrate


Back to the music industry…

Knowing what we now know about backlinks and backlinking,and knowing that Black Hats use these techniques from everything from inserting their brand,website into comments sections and forum posts to re directing traffic, many use artists’ pages  to link to the web pages of their employer’s’ own pages to imply an endorsement with the artist to just flat out redirect to illegal pirate sites meanwhile the artist managers, are oblivious of what is going on and in my opinion this is a violation of the artist’s right to publicity,right to name and likeness and trademark

So what makes you think that now that streaming has overtaking downloads they will not do the same and find new ways of backlinking into streams and “free” streaming sites that have no licenses in place with the publishers,songwriter and labels?

The music people need to realize that the techie people have been taken advantage of the music industry/people by exploiting their lack of interest in the techie world

Which brings the following to mind, it was only a few short months ago that a leak of a Sony/Spotify was agreement leaked one provision of this agreement stated clearly that the labels were given a certain amount of Adrev and Ad space and as part of the deal Spotify gave the labels a certain amount of Ad space and Adrev with the option of literally renting that space out to whomever they see fit so the labels not only end up in the backlinking game for profit but they get a whole revenue stream that they can profit from without having to pay the songwriter,the publisher nor the artist a single cent.


In my opinion,If you don’t think the labels might have Black Hat SEOs working for them and or own their own SEO shell companies operating by now you need a reality check


So now the labels could potentially be making profits without having to pay the artist this needs to be looked into along with amendments in the law like consent decrees,abolishing the provisions in the safe harbour laws etc.. but I digress


By simply setting up the right backlink chain they can get going and fast!

In other words if C is the “anchor” A and B are Backlinks of C


See where I’m going here?

See the backlink spam?

for more info on copyright laws and infringement please visit: and dearch for Article 17

you can also visit  search for copyright corner and read the article titled :CRIMINAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT

Now let’s look at the corporate and small business sabotage aspects and impact on these due to backlinks astroturfing and spam


Let’s take Pete, Pete is the sole proprietor operator of a small business that manufactures,distributes and sells rubber sealers for industrial use plumbing services and employs 20 employees and plays it by the book online

Then one day he notices that Frank who manufactures a similar product

one day Pete discovers that Frank has been cheating and gaming the system by backlinking astroturfing and spamming.

Understandably Pete is upset and calls Frank on it as Frank has been back linking to his site in a very Black Hat manner they argue and one day Pete discovers that in retribution Frank has now been not only backlinking but astroturfing and spamming his product in the a very BLACK HAT way against Pete by inserting all kinds of backlinks,astroturfing and spamming Pete’s client and customer base along with all other businesses that manufacture similar products whilst flaming and astroturfing them in forums relevant to their industry and backlinking them to any number of Frank’s dealers

As a direct result Pete has no other choice but to hire his own SEO and ORM expert ( a costly proposition) Just to offset the damage to his business,online presence  and loss of business, reputation and revenue which basically amounts to tortious interference


So how did Pete come across his discovery?


By doing this:


Simple check for spam is to do an exact search w/ omitted results included then go to the last page to find spam pages -keeping in mind that google truncates results


The example above is based on a real life case


Before you say , but that’s just business no it’s NOT it’s corporate sabotage and illegal and just as a reminder and for you to study I leave you with this graphic

Pyramid of Spam




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